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I am committed to find ways for passionate pet owners to express themselves while also enjoying adventures with their beloved companions.


We exist to help enrich the lives of both dog & human.

We believe our pets are an absolute essential—to our family, to our wellbeing & to our lives.

They're with us through thick & thin, rain & shine—and lots of mud! The reciprocal, give & take relationship between pet & human is something to be celebrated. So, we set out to design everyday essentials that considers both of your needs, equally. 

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Our Commitment

Change a dog’s life with every order.

We believe all dogs deserve a happy & healthy life—so, we've committed to donating a portion of every sale to a trusted animal shelter or rescue.

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  • ★★★★★

    "This sticker is amazing! It's so cute and just what I was looking for. Bailey put so many personal touches into her delivery."


  • ★★★★★

    "Incredible stickers and adorable packaging!"


  • ★★★★★

    "Love my stickers!! Bailey was so very great about communication and detail!"


  • ★★★★★

    "There was an issue with shipping, I messaged Bailey and she quickly and kindly solved my issue! I can’t wait to order more stickers, they’re adorable and look great on my laptop and hydro flask!"


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